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Meet the Team!

Kim Jones began her organizing career as a volunteer storyteller. She shared about her family’s concerns over the cost of healthcare with lawmakers to help them understand what so many people from our state have to go through to afford the medicine they need. . After volunteering on the Insulin Affordability Bill of 2020, she started working for the Health Care for All campaign. She is passionate about working on state and federal policy and loves seeing how that work can affect the lives of West Virginians who struggle to afford adequate care.

Mindy Salango is a Type 1 Diabetic who was forced to ration her insulin for a year due to the high cost and inadequate insurance coverage.  After coming out of that life-threatening experience, Mindy decided to speak out and work to ensure no one is forced to make choices between their home, food, and utilities or their life saving medications.  She joined HCFA so she can work with other dynamic advocates to move the needle and get us closer to Health Care for ALL!  Mindy lives in Morgantown with her partner, Paul, their 3 kids, and furbaby, Kylo.  

Jude Stephens was born in Parkersburg WV and raised in GA. He transplanted back after losing his mother to an overdose in 2017, Jude has remade his home in West Virginia. Growing up near the poverty line with Hypo-Thyroid, Autism, ADHD, and Major Depressive Disorder, it wasn’t easy for Jude or his family. Food, housing, and treatment were not always easily available. He has found his calling helping those who are facing similar situations. Jude joined Healthcare For All WV in 2020 with his calling in mind, helping to identify and eliminate the systemic issues that serve to trap families in poverty, especially access to affordable healthcare.

Eve Marcum-Atkinson shares her passion for healthcare and community empowerment in most of her endeavors. She has helped door-to-door canvass and phone-bank across the state to make sure the WVian voice is heard in regards to their healthcare. Working with our team, She uses her experience as a WVians and real-work knowledge of needs in the state to hone our strategy as she collects stories and tracks data to keep the whole thing running! The compassion Eve displays when collecting the stories of fellow WVians is absolutely heartwarming.

Born in Cabell county, Cassandra Wiley moved around for much of her childhood. Her family moved back to WV in late middle school and Cassie finished growing up in the state, got her diploma in 2015, and immediately went off to Marshall University. Though unable to finish school directly due to rising living costs, lack of healthcare and it’s strain on her family, and wavering support in the face of poverty, she plans to go back to finish the Bachelor’s of Health Sciences that she had to abandon her senior year. Passionate for the health of her community, she sees the active struggle for healthcare in WV as an open door to impact the rapidly changing world she was faced with while in college.