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Jessie Ice Discusses the Need for a Medicaid Bridge Program and the Bill Passing the House

“WRNR: Good Morning, Dr. Ice. Welcome back to the Legislative Watchdogs.

Jessica: Good morning and thank you for having me again

WRNR: It was great having you and WOW! great turn around here. Just a couple weeks ago we had you on to discuss the Affordable Medicaid Buy-In bill and we’ll give a little recap on what that does. Since that time, really good movement in the legislature! Just passing the House of Delegates by a pretty good margin. Could you just really quickly remind our listeners what the Affordable Medicaid Buy-in bill is here in WV and what problem that seeks to solve. Then we’ll talk a little bit about the legislative process and where we go from there.


Jessica Ica: Absolutely. This is what we call a Win-Win bill for WV. The problem that it seeks to solve I’ll start there…”